Janey 1

Janey Lamce

Janey Lamce is a musician, singer, songwriter living in Vancouver, BC. Her love for music started when she was 5 years old playing keys on the piano and singing.
Her mom, who is a music teacher and choir conductor, decided to put her in piano lessons shortly after. After receiving classical vocal and piano training up to the graduate school level, Janey turned her attention to writing and performing.
Born and raised in Czech Republic, she won many piano and singing competitions, one of them even aired on TV.

When she was 19, she moved to London, UK to pursue her dreams. Shortly after, she relocated to Dublin, Ireland where she stayed for 7 years and did whatever she could think of to keep her music dream alive.

Upon moving to Vancouver she has focused on developing her songwriter skills, and often collaborates with cellist/songwriter Vova Bedzvin. She recently started a new project and released her first music video for a single called “Save Me”.This song was also a 2017 semi-finalist in the international songwriting contest Song of the Year. Showcasing Janey’s originality, vitality and relentless drive, her solo effort provokes the world of pop music to new levels of catchiness, and creativity.
Her original music is described as colourful, dreamy and speaking to the listener, with catchy melodies and lyrics. “It was just fun at first—and still is—but as things progress, I dream bigger and work harder. Music has brought me so much connection: to myself and to other people.”

Janey is a breath of fresh air in an industry where musical integrity is often sacrificed for marketability. Janey portrays an honesty in her music which invites you into her world and connects with you. Her velvety voice touches your heart right away.
No one can deny that this girl has got natural ability and the potential to make it in this business. She’s a stunning talent, with a very broad appeal.

“Music has the power to heal, and the way a person can express themselves through music is endless, one can travel to many places within a song, some experienced and some a beautiful fantasy. I am completely passionate about all aspects of music. Music is like breathing, and a huge part of who I am. Inspiration arrives quickly, so I always record everything that comes to me. Every idea is a song waiting to arrive. I love to write and create original music. Music is such an intangible force that connects and brings people together. I don’t believe music has borders, limits or rules. Whatever your mind can conceive is where the possibilities are found. I find it amazing to bring a song into fruition from an idea that is sparked in your soul. It’s something that’s been a very healing element within my life. I always love to see people following their dreams. This world can get so busy and filled with daily obligations, that sometimes I think we forget about what we are passionate about. Life is short…immerse yourself in what you love to do!”