KHOISER is a group composed by Isaac Garcia and Sergio Romero. It was founded in late 1995, creating its first issue in early 1996, called Break Guitar. KHOISER, is considered one of the most innovative and multifaceted electronic scene in Spain. KHOISER were nominated for awards Oners DJ 2002, in the categories of best song with two nominations, Insight, and Calling for you love, and in the category better producers. They have published several works which could Stand out their first EP with Totem Tanz Records label, which includes its star track for the fans, “Insight”. Item that gave them fame and what led to many collaborations in electronic music compilations worldwide. KHOISER has shared stage with many international artists: Laurent Garnier, Westbam, Dark Globe, Krafty Kuts, Plump DJs, Peter Paul, Dj Nitro, Meat Katie, Deibeat, Electrodrummers, Bockors, Pablo Weinx, etc. Currently, KHOISER has been active on the scene since 2016, with the 20th anniversary edition, in addition to performances by different clubs and its latest release with Funkatasty Crew Records, with songs like Oxygen, Into Your Life or Do You Feel My Fire. They will soon be releasing new songs from Break Club Records.