Sekret Chadow

Sekret Chadow, producer and DJ who represents the hard work and form of evolution, innate restlessness that accompanies from the moment he woke up in his hobby at electronics sounds.
With only 13 years old, and frequented many clubs in the area, driven by aggressive and forceful, those sounds that sounded at the time, an experience that would open the doors of a new universe, electronic music, which has able to develop qualities essentially grounded on a thorough musical selection and drive of the new generations.
From 1997 to this day, has had the opportunity to experiment in different ways, a very strong progression in terms of electronic music is concerned, acquiring a refined and avant-garde culture.
Currently included the versatility of this artist when producing, open-minded and unprejudiced musical styles that can cover and avant-garde as the House, Breaks, funky fusions in all, still sounds strong and aggressive side groove energy loaded.