Present in the shadows for many years, DJ T-Zak stood out and establish himself as producer and composer. The fact of producing any kind of music make him special and unique.
T-Zak real name is “Taroq Zakaria” Borned in Casablanca in 1990. He Discover the world of melodies at the age of 10 when he had his first Piano Toy, Started Production in 2008 with the help of his old friends Joakim Lideberg, Emre Tanis & more talented producers…

His first professional EP called ” ARABICA ” was recently released with BloomBeats Records and brought many positif feedback.
Many tracks will be out soon on different Labels such as Suka Records, Dirty Talk Records, Subtone Records, HousEarth Records , Afreaka Records and other Labels.

So this young talented producer will blow your mind with some new professional work in the futur.